Those kids, the ones on the other side.

It is both alarming and funny how they get distracted in a matter of seconds. They’re listening to everything you’re saying but you may lose them to a brilliant idea that touched the waters of their turbulent minds. Haven’t you ever met that boy who couldn’t stay still? The girl who kept walking and the sun blazed on? The kid who never completed coloring the whole picture? They are different, finicky, restless, fidgety and for the most part, extremely sorry.

They cannot keep a job, cannot keep time. They cannot explain why everything is funny, how even the serious most conversations can be turned into a joke. They feel everything tenfold, they are blamed for being hasty, selfish, for being the red in the yellow. They are the ones who look like they don’t care enough the ones who don’t look back. There are bouts of confusion, when everything is fine, the sun rising and melting like everyday, but the heart flutters rapid and startled in the rib-cage. It looks like a gaping hole, their life devoid of something substantial like a job, or a lover, or simply put, the ability to focus.

Don’t hold it against them because you will feel like that too. Like a little girl lost in the woods. Like the boy who starts writing only to leave the table full of coffee rings and smoke buds. It is frustrating sometimes, to not be able to tell one feeling from another or to change into ten pairs of clothes and get out of the house looking like a house on fire. It is hard to live inside someone who changes their mind so many times, it is hard to keep up.


2 thoughts on “Those kids, the ones on the other side.

  1. I can relate to this, Loved that line the boy who sits down to write leaves nothing behind except smoke buds and coffee rings


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